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Trying to stay on track nutritionally but finding it difficult to find the time to prepare delicious and good-for-you meals? Need to save time….AND money? Personal Paleo Chef is a meal delivery service that caters to those who are over-scheduled and over-tired and need to have healthy meals at the ready….and we do this at a lower cost than all competitors.

The market is absolutely saturated with healthy meal delivery options, but Personal Paleo Chef takes this a few steps further. Not only will you have access to delicious, convenient meals, you will also have the opportunity to have an individualized nutritional plan crafted, as well as other special “perks” that other services simply do not and cannot offer you.

Yes, sometimes, you DO have an option for dessert with these other outlets, but are they truly healthy desserts? And if they ARE super-good for the body, do they fulfill your soul, as well? Do they taste as good as the “real deal”? And what about those times when you just need a quick something to grab in the morning (or afternoon….or evening) and do not want to take the time (or make the fuss) of sitting down to a plated meal? We’ve got that covered, too.

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