Personal Paleo Chef aims to provide Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Primal meals to a few individuals in the Alexandria area that are not only nutritionally sound but also ready to be grabbed from your fridge and simply heated and enjoyed, for a much lower price than ALL competitors. Knowing that both time AND health are precious commodities, Personal Paleo Chef wants to be able to meet individual needs, whether that be in simply eating a particular diet; fueling fitness goals; shedding a few pounds; having more time to spend with family, friends, or in other pursuits; and still not going into debt.

Every meal is freshly prepared. Nothing is frozen. Meals are cooked and packaged within 24 hours of delivery, and they will last you the entire work week.


No messy “carts,” rotational billing, or wonky websites. Websites crash; online “checkouts” sometimes miscalculate (so you either end up overpaying or underpaying and then being double-billed); and subscriptions can get messy (on BOTH ends) when you decide to “take a break” or simply discontinue services.

Personal Paleo Chef really puts the “personal” in our title: every interaction you have, from your initial inquiry to ordering to providing suggestions and feedback to invoicing and payment will be with Brianne herself. You will email, call, text – whatever works for you – and speak to the CHEF. No administrative assistants to wrangle (and mangle) messages – nothing but straightforward communication with the person who will be taking your orders and filling your plates with delicious, healthy foods.

There are also no minimums. While you are able to choose from a few menu “packages,” and there are of course financial incentives for doing so, you can order as few or as many meals as you like, when you need them.

Prices start as low as $6.00 per meal, with desserts and “on-the-go” items being even less expensive! For full information, please contact us at

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