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BFit BodyFit

BFit BodyFit is a multi-faceted fitness company that offers a wide range of services, to help you meet physical, nutritional, and all other goals associated with achieving the highest standard of living possible. We specialize in individualized programming – both personal and remote – as well as individualized nutritional planning and health coaching.
BFit BodyFit is owned and operated by Brianne Galadriel Law, who is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with Fitness Nutrition and Corrective Exercise Specializations, as well as a Certified Primal Health Coach with a solid background in psychology. For the last eighteen years, she has worked diligently to discover the optimal way to live well – and with a program and nutritional plan that is sustainable. Years of yo-yo dieting, countless pounds gained and lost, numerous sports injuries, and a myriad of encounters with the dreaded “plateaus” that plague all of those who live active, healthy lifestyles, have all fueled her research to find the “best way.” What she found was that everyone is different – what works for one may not work for another – but that there are some “tried and true” methods that can be implemented and then personalized to help anyone reach his or her own goals. A pioneer of the “n=1” method, Bri continually engages in self-experimentation to keep herself as strong and healthy as possible. A “plateau,” while still undesirable, is now an opportunity to learn more about what will keep her fit and fabulous – and she understands seeming set-backs and regressions all provide experience and knowledge that she can then use to assist with her clientele.
Brianne’s mission is to inspire and encourage anyone to successfully live the fullest life that they can. She fully believes that anyone can reach their fitness goals, that they can be who they truly desire to be.
Brianne will help you discover and celebrate your very best self, to realize your full potential, using your own inherent strengths.
She will partner with you to help you overcome your most pressing challenges, because she believes in you.



Brianne Galadriel Law, NASM-CPT, FNS, CES
Certified Primal Health Coach
Psychology, BA


“Brianne is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have ever known, among all of the different fitness atmospheres in which I have participated or been involved (to include working with Navy Seals, CrossFit competitors, and Olympic weight lifters), both in sport and nutrition. I am constantly asking her questions about diet and nutrition, and her advice is always spot-on. She has coached me through injuries, weight and fitness plateaus, and she has helped me develop and implement routines to reach my very specific goals. Her guidance is always specific and fine-tuned to the individual, and she takes the time to research and develop programs in both exercise and nutrition that are completely specific to her clients.”

Brad, Age 47, Alexandria, VA

“ was in the military and was having trouble with my weight, and I had an impending fitness test. I asked Bri if she could put together something that I could do on my own, and she told me about her ‘a la carte’ programming. She took me through a fitness assessment and then developed three separate exercise routines for me. She met with and took me through every move of every routine, making adjustments to meet my skill level as we went. She emailed me the templates once they were completed and finalized (after our sessions), and I was on my way! I was able to stick with the program, because it was manageable, and with her advice on supplemental cardio and diet, I passed my fitness test with flying colors. It was well worth the money I spent, and I plan to use her services in the future as I advance in my fitness.”

Wade, Age 39, Sterling, VA

“I opted to use one of Bri’s ‘a la carte’ options and simply asked her to develop a ‘Core Workout’ for me. She asked me a few questions, developed a twenty-minute program, and took me through it, step-by-step. She even did it with me! Bri was quick to modify exercises if I was having trouble implementing them with proper form (or at all!) and explain progressions that I could use as I improved. She also included warm-up and cool-down stretches and exercises, which made the routine seem well-rounded and comprehensive. It was a great experience, and I have really seen the results in my body composition, especially in my abs.”

Steve, Age 29, Herdon, VA

“I like to play tennis with a bunch of my buddies (we are all retired), but I knew that engaging in a regular exercise program would be good for my aging muscles and probably improve my tennis game, as well. I signed up for a fitness assessment and then hired Brianne on the spot. She was able to develop a quick program for me that met my needs and what I told her I wanted with regard to my fitness. She explained things well, she was very patient and accommodating, and I was always able to fit in my sessions with her in addition to my tennis matches and post-activity massages. She is the best trainer I have ever had, and I have had quite a few!”

Sherman, Age 72, Arlington, VA

“Brianne is really great: warm, empathetic, professional, and easy to work with. As a fifty-something housewife, I was reticent to hire a personal trainer, but after losing almost thirty pounds in less than three months, my doctor advised that I start exercising regularly. I hired Bri after she completed a free fitness assessment for me, and the changes in my strength and endurance were undeniable. I am an avid swimmer, and my times improved incredibly in just a month! I was also less winded when using the elliptical machine, and whereas I could hardly hold up a small dumbbell at the beginning of our training relationship, I was able to increase my weight and repetitions with proper form, thanks to Bri’s gentle guidance. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.”

Carline, Age 59, Alexandria, VA
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