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“I have always loved to bake, even as I gradually transitioned to a cleaner way of eating and abandoned many of my own, ‘traditional,’ dessert favorites. I am pretty dedicated; if I put my mind to something, such as eliminating unhealthy items from my diet, I can do it. However, my experience as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach has introduced me to many people who are active and try to adhere to a clean eating plan but often begin to miss those ‘forbidden foods’ that they used to indulge in from time to time. Even the most dedicated have told me, ‘I am so tired of just having fruit for dessert.’ These individuals either stick to their plans grudgingly, or they give in, have a Twinkie (or bowl of Ben & Jerry’s, a bag of chips, a box of donuts, insert-your-nostalgic-favorite-here) and then feel guilty….and sometimes completely give up on the healthier lifestyle they were trying so hard to maintain. My husband challenged me to create desserts that were Paleo or Primal friendly; in essence, desserts that fit into my own eating style and would also appeal to those who were feeling deprived at times in trying to stick to a particular ‘diet.’ At first I balked – how on earth could I do this? But then I headed to my kitchen and began to ‘play.’”
What transpired from Brianne’s adventures in the galley was a full menu of deliciousness that runs the gamut from cookies to cupcakes, muffins to biscuits, workout snacks and protein bars, to puddings and even tortillas. Her goal was to not merely create (or re-create) “less unhealthy” versions of the standard fare but to develop a line of sweet eats that would not only fulfill an individual’s particular penchant but also provide nutrition. She worked at deconstructing traditional desserts and making them Paleo-friendly – not just “Paleo-fied,” but good from the ground up. Sweetened with nothing but raw organic honey, organic maple syrup, fruit, and the occasional touch of raw coconut sugar, Brianne created masterpieces that will appease any taste or craving: anyone with a “sweet tooth” – whether it be for chocolate, fruit-inspired creations, or even a simple twist on the savory – should be able to find something to satisfy their own particular dessert proclivities.
Brianne continues to develop and test new recipes – “The kitchen is never closed” is her response to anyone who asks if she can fashion a particular item with them in mind. Unlike other products on the market, she will work with you to obtain the texture, flavor, or combinations that you desire, instead of being “stuck” with something in a wrapper that you purchase in a store. In essence, Brianne acts as your own personal Paleo and Primal dessert chef. She loves nothing more than being creative with nutritious ingredients, crafting items that will help individuals with a weakness for the sweeter side of food to stay on track with a healthy eating style.
Brianne’s wish is that by having healthy indulgences on hand, you will be able to resist “caving to the crave” for something that is unwholesome – she desires for anyone to be able replace that empty-calorie item with something that it good to the body AND the soul.
*Some items have been developed with all-natural dairy (i.e., butter in the Blueberry Muffins, etc.) and gluten-free grains (i.e., organic oats and rice cereal in the granola bars), but NO items contain overly-processed or industrialized ingredients. Full ingredient and macronutrient information is provided with each sweet eat, to ensure that all walk away happy and risk-free.*

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