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SA wellness, what’s the Safety training System (SLS)?

SA wellness, what’s the Safety training System (SLS)?

SA wellness is focused on improving the security and quality of patient care and reaching the patient outcomes that are best feasible.

The protection training System is a software that allows all SA Health solutions to record, manage, research and analyse patient and worker incidents along with customer feedback. It can also be useful for catching information on protection solutions and also to record formal notifications like those for coronial issues or medical malpractice.

The objective of each one of the SLS modules, and which legislation they make reference to, is described when you look at the table of Key SLS Modules (PDF 92KB).

Any employee having an SA Health HAD login can record an event into SLS.

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Great things about SLS for the customer and SA wellness services

Advantages of SLS for the customer and SA wellness solutions includes:

  • It facilitates good governance that is clinical supplying just one system across SA wellness that manages incidents, customer feedback and notifications.
  • SLS has helped embed a culture of security and quality to the day-to-day routines on most SA wellness employees due to the fact findings associated with review or research of occasions in SLS provides an easy method through which valuable classes can be learnt and high quality improvements identified.
  • The machine is employed to examine styles in reported activities and recognize particular areas for enhancement at both a state-wide and regional Health system level (LHN).
  • Whenever coupled with information off their systems within the LHN Analytics and Reporting provider (LARS) and QIP Hub, SLS permits all staff to observe how SA health insurance and their health unit compare up against the National protection and Quality Service Standards (as well as state that is various performance indicators).

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