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Chicago Reader Don’t panic because he would like to paint your toenails

Chicago Reader Don’t panic because he would like to paint your toenails

He’s not asking one to be converted into an used or mummy as a urinal.

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  • Joe Newton

Q: i am a homosexual man whom’s involved in a man we came across a couple of months before COVID-19 became popular. He’s a guy that is great smart, funny, hot, healthier, and simple become around. It began as a hookup but we now have chemistry on a few levels and, without either of us being forced to state it, we began seeing one another regularly. The two of us reside alone and chose to be exclusive as a result of the pandemic. I truthfully have no idea everything we’re doing right here. It really is some mixture of buddies, fuck friends, and hitched few all during the time that is same.

I needed to simply keep a positive thing going, but he simply threw me personally a curveball that We need help finding out the way to handle. Out of nowhere I was told by him he held back once again telling me personally about their foot fetish. He claims he’s had extremely bad experiences with dudes who had beenn’t involved with it. He is been maintaining it to himself and seeking at material on line. I’m pretty vanilla rather than I know kinks are a thing for a lot of guys and I’m willing to help out a good guy into it, but.

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